Monday, October 27, 2008

Tomboy turned girly

Ok I can't say I'm totally girly but I'm not as much as a tomboy as I was when I was sixteen. Yes back then I didn't wear dresses much and my dad hated it. He always wanted to see me dress up (and that meant wearing a dress). Why??? When I was a little girl I was always outside playing, climbing on something and getting dirty. When my mom would come out to find me for dinner, she would walk around yelling for me. Little did she know that she passed right underneath me several times. Yes I was sitting high up in the tree watching her walk around hollering for me. I would laugh sliently inside, till all of a sudden the laughter got to be so much that a little smirk came out. Mom was standing under the tree at that time. Boy did I get in trouble. "Lisa Ann you get your butt down out of that tree, get in the house and wash up before you set down to eat." "Yes mom." Of course it didn't keep me from doing it again the next day.
Boy I miss those days. Now I wear dresses more and get all dolled up at times. But I guess I haven't got rid of the tomboy totally. :)


Cheri Block Sabraw said...

Thanks so much for following my blog. I love the name of your blog. Great start. I will check back.

Have fun writing.
Cheri Block Sabraw

Miss Heather Leigh said...

I was a tomboy as a kid, now I'm so girly you'd never even know it. I like your blog!!