Monday, November 10, 2008

My Blonde Moment

Why do we do stupid things before we are fully awake? Ok let me explain what happened. I have been working the graveyard shift for several months now and have not been getting much sleep. I woke up tonight to get ready for work and after I started getting dressed, (I apparently was not fully awake at this moment), I grab what I believed to be toner for my face and find out that it was not after applying it to my left cheek. I immediately wash it off and let my face calm down before finishing. Blonde moment ? Yes even redheads sometimes have them. Do I blame my lack of sleep or chalk it up as a blonde moment?


Cheri Block Sabraw said...

Although brunette, I must have had a "blonde" (as you would say) moment. I put my facial scrub on my eyes to remove my make-up. Of course, as a 58 year old, I chalk it up to a "senior" moment.
Funny story!

Miss Heather Leigh said...

Oh, yeah I'm a brunette and I have PLENTY of blonde moments. Believe you me! It happens to the best of us from time to time. :/