Tuesday, November 25, 2008


OK, I've always been told I have nice eyes. Well this former tomboy likes to hear the compliments, there's nothing wrong with wanting to boost one's self esteem. I just have a little issue. When I get dressed up I like to accent my best features (my gorgeous blue green eyes), and I haven't quite mastered the trick of applying eyeliner. How do you apply that perfect line? Maybe it has something to do with me having a phobia with something near my eye that I could poke myself with (I am clumsy). ? Maybe I'll just continue to skip the eyeliner and just use shadow and mascara. This girl tries to keep a well stocked makeup bag, wouldn't want to run out and have a big event. Anyhoo that's my rant for the day


High-heel gal said...

I used to only use an eye pencil, but this past summer I went to MAC and now use their gel eye-liner. Get the angle brush...seriously, it might be more expensive than the drug store make-up, but it's totally worth it! (Plus, they do it for you so you can see how it looks before you buy it!) Good luck!

Miss Heather Leigh said...

Ah, practice just makes perfect. Once you get used to it (depending on what you use, I prefer a liquid eyeliner as well as my beloved MAC kohl), it gets to be so easy it's like second nature!

Shoe Diva said...

Thanks for the advice. Sounds like I need to try the liquid liner and just practice. I do alright with the bottom line but have issues with making the top one look perfect.

PinkAvocado said...

eyeliner can be a deal maker or breaker, honestly.
it's almost an art, make sure your arm is still, and to ensure that, try to place your elbow on the mirror while you apply it, this helps make everything a bit easier. apply short lines, and connect them, this helps too.
ask if you have more questions ; ). at work, i'm eyeliner queen and have a few years of professional experience, hehe!
(ps. do try liquid, it's probably the best one to learn)
and ofcourse, practiceeee whenever you are home and such. goodluck!

Miss. said...

I can't do it either! There is a group of common people who just can't seem to do it....I see others walking around with the trick perfected..
I hate them.

Shoe Diva said...

I totally agree with you. I hate them to.

kim said...

The secret is: Stick. Your. Tongue. Out.

You'll look ridiculous, but the line will be straight!

Adorable blog, glad I stumbled on it!

AmyT said...

practice practice practice....I use liquid...though it takes a while to master this one - it stays on longer for me anyway - I do use the pencil ever now and again - it just feels WAY big! lol

A Belle and her Beau said...

I don't use liquid - that is way too hard for me. I have tried and its always a disaster. I use an eye pencil and with my other hand I pull one side of my eye to make the surface smooth. This probably causes wrinkles but I will worry about that later :) Try it, it works!