Sunday, February 1, 2009

25 Random things about Me

Well i usually don't do these kind of things. I hate when a friend tags you with a survey to list a 100 (yes I said 100, I have been tagged before with a survey to answer 100 questions about myself). Where do you people come up with these things? I mean 100 things about myself is way too much. Who has the time to sit there and think about 100 random things about themselves. Not me. Here it goes but I'm only going to do the top 10 because 25 is a little much.

1. I'm somewhat of a perfectionist.
2. I only keep a circle of very close friends and have 2 best friends that I absolutely trust anything with. Yes I have trust issues, but that's only because I was shy as a child and never grew out of it till my mid twenties and stop letting people take advantage of me so much.
3. I am a shopaholic, but what girl isn't. Although with the economy and rising gas prices I have learn to skimp and save some. I'm so proud of myself. I do pay my bills first!
4. I'm a really good listener and a hard worker. I don't believe in not trying to do something if you think you can't do it. At least give it a try. If you fail then you can't say you didn't try.
5. I'm a neat freak. So I like everything to be tidy, I just hate clutter and can't stand a dirty house. I will let things go for a little while, but at a certain point things have to be cleaned. Always throw your trash away to! I can't stand someone leaving something sit that for more than the end of the day that should be thrown away.
6. I hate liars. If you can't tell me the truth then you don't deserve to be my friend. Honesty is my number one rule.
7. I really hate filling out these dumb surveys! Sorry had to vent, this gets me up on my soapbox.
8. I hate backstabbing people. I believe in if you have something to say to me or about me come say it to my face instead of going behind my back.
9. I'm a very reliable friend.
10. I hate going to the doctor. I have a fear of going and don't like hospitals.

There I finished. Now it's your turn. I'm not going to tag anyone, I am going to let you self tag yourself. Ttfn.


jlc said...

LOVED reading your randoms!!!

Super cute blog!

Life at the White House said...

hi there-

great blog! glad you found mine and are "following along" ....looks like e have a lot in common!