Wednesday, February 11, 2009

More Random Things About Me

Well I thought I would try and finish the 25 random things about me, because I have nothing else to blog about right now. Nope nothing interesting in my life right now. I know that sucks :(.

1. I am a very emotional and personal person. Sometimes I wear my heart on my sleeve and let my heart do the thinking when I should listen to my head. I'm working on changing that. (Guess you could say I'm a work in progress).
2. I prefer dark haired guys. Never dated a blond hair guy really.
3. I also like a a clean shaven guy. Maybe a well groomed goatee, but that's it. I hate a bread and mustache. Who wants to kiss a guy and get your face exfoliated everytime. Not me !
4. I love to listen to the rain, especially when I'm trying to sleep. It's like a lullaby singing me to sleep.
5. I'm a hopeless romantic.
6. I work in a male dominant profession (that requires wearing a uniform and bare minimum makeup) and prefer to dress up on my days off.
7. Carbs are my enemy, and sweets.
8. I love a good murder mystery book, but mostly read Glamour and Cosmo.
9. I don't watch a lot of tv, but I do have my favorite shows (CSI all 3, NCIS, Ghost Whisper, Knight Rider, Flashpoint, Criminal Minds)
10. My favorite color is red.
Well I could only come up with 10 more things about me. So now you know 20 things about me, and that is about it.

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