Tuesday, February 17, 2009

No Drama Please !

Well it has been a crazy week. Not so much about me but my sister (little miss drama queen). Ms. Drama Queen called to tell me she was moving back to Missouri because her boyfriend told her that things have changed and she needed to move out. Let me give you a little history on the subject here. Ms. Drama Queen has this thing were she can't be alone and has moved from one relationship to the other, barely getting over a divorce and moving in with a girl that she had met on the internet but never in person. WTF !!! That's what I said about the situation. My sister and I have never been real close growing up being 3 1/2 years between us, but when my nephews were born I thought the world of them and Ms. Drama Queen and myself are closer. Becoming an aunt was great I would do anything for my nephews and I'm very protective of them. So imagine my reaction when I heard that Ms. Drama Queen packed up their things and moved to Ohio with a guy she met on the internet. Hello? Did she meet the guy first? NO!! Believe me I was upset.
I did talk to the guy a little after she moved and he assured me that things were fine and that if it didn't work out he would personally make sure that her and the boys would get back home ok. This made me a little happier, but I'm still skeptic. I should be, I'm pretty good at reading a person, although I hadn't met this guy I felt like something was wrong. Could this be the protective big sister in me or the fact that I'm a police officer and I just don't like the situation.
Well Ms. Drama Queen is back in Missouri living with mom and is boo-hooing over the poor smuck. Ok maybe she was in love with the guy but I got numerous calls from her while living with the guy for 4 years that she was suspecting that he was cheating or abusing my nephews (infuriated me) and that she was not happy and thought about moving home. I told her that if she felt like that then maybe she should move home. Probably not the best thing to say, but you have to know her, she makes a big deal out of something that isn't. I did tell her to talk to him and maybe she just misunderstanding something. She did talk to him and he smooths things over until the next time. She says that she thinks that it's not over between the two of them, but that she will not move back to Ohio. I have a feeling that it's over on his part. I hope that she will not move my nephews around anymore and settle down. I think she needs some down time away from men for a while and just be herself and a mother to my wonderful nephews.
I hate drama and it's a constant thing with my sister. She stresses me out !!

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