Thursday, February 5, 2009


Thank god it's my friday ! I am so ready for a day off. It has been a week of hell. At least it has felt like it. Not so much at work, although I did get irritated at a co-worker. Which happens alot because this co-worker is my superior and seems to think that he can pick on the things I do but he does no wrong. Why ?? That is beyond me. Well I am looking forward to my days off with the unseasonably warm weather that has been forcasted, since it's still winter and this is typical of a northwest Missouri winter. I hate the bitter cold and snow and ice. I have been fighting a cold or the start of a sinius infection because of the up and down temperatures. Then I have a bad Monday after getting home from work in the morning. I find out I have a stomach bug that cause me to have my ass glued to the toliet most of the day. Yuck!!! I only get four hours of sleep and have to call in sick to work that night. It has not been a good week for me. Stress level is HIGH !!!! I can only pray for a better week next week.

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