Sunday, March 15, 2009

Men ?!!

Well Mr. fireman turned out to be a jerk!!! He couldn't even be a man to tell me that he was seeing another girl while I wait for him to sent up our dinner date. A$$H@#&!!! I even talked to him on Facebook a couple of times telling him that I was planning on coming down there to see my nephews and if he wanted to we could get together for dinner.
No response or text for awhile so I decided to dig a little and see what was going on. Something just didn't seem right. So I sent him a message on Facebook and asked him how he was doing then he responded great that he had been released to go back to work. I said that was great and if he was up this way to give me a call and we could go have dinner. No response. Later I checked and those messages were deleted off his wall and there was a message from a girl that said two more hours I get to see you. WTF!!! How long has he been seeing her. I then sent him an email and asked what was going on. His response was that he had been seeing her and didn't know how to tell me. How about grow some balls and be a man. Just TELL me!!!! Dumbass !!!!


The New Black said...

Why can't they just fess up and tell the truth!?! Good thing you found out now though. :)

Angela Darling said...

I definitely agree, it's a good thing you found out now. Men can be dogs sometimes!

BTW... I left you something over at my blog

Heels and a Badge said...

I totally agree with you gals. Just tell me damn it!!! I'm gald I found out now and not after the first date. Angela thank you