Thursday, March 5, 2009

When is Enough Really Enough?

Help me please!!! My little sister is driving me (my family) crazy. Ms. Drama Queen thinks that her boyfriend that made her move back to Missouri from Ohio is going to take her back. She thinks that they took some time apart so they both could save some money. WTF!!!! That's a lame excuse if I ever heard one. Honey, if he gave you that excuse you should leave him the f*** alone!!! Am I wrong here? Why would a guy you've been with for 4 years tell you that you need to move back to another state so you both can save some money? HELLO?? He's dumping you!!! Am I the only one seeing this?
She is living with my mom now and has put her there alot by continuing calling the boyfriend (A.K.A. dirtbag) and telling everyone that they are still in love and will be living together again soon. Hey he just paid for you and my two nephews to move back to Missouri, I don't think he wants you back. Wake up STUPID !!!! She's driving my dad mad about the whole thing to.
I just wish she would stop and think about what she's doing. Not only does her decision effect her but two little boys that I dearly love and want the best for. She's putting them through this, they are the ones she needs to think about most. When is enough, enough? How do you tell Ms. Drama Queen to get a handle on her life before it spins out of control taking two innocent little boys with her?

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