Thursday, June 4, 2009

Red Alert

Hello everyone. Well I guess I have an admirer. I know, how sweet right. This isn't just any admirer though. He has been interested in me for sometime but blew me off once before. Yep, you all know him from an earlier post as Mr. Fireman (ex fireman now works for the railroad). I know I should have not forgiven him so fast, but I can't help myself. The man is HOT! I know I will be careful. I already told him that I want an honest relationship (if it goes that far, we haven't had the first date yet). Although I have known the guy for like ten years (he does come with baggage though, divorcee with 3 kids), but that's not a bad thing and I love kids. I can at least give the guy a chance (right?), at least go out on a date with him and see how things go. If any one has a suggestion, feel free to comment.

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