Monday, June 8, 2009

What a Week!!

Wow! What a week it has been for me! A little hectic, but I'm not complaining. Work has been a bit of a headache, but considering what I do, it's should be. Gotta love the small town politics around here. The mayor sticking his nose where he shouldn't be and trying to run the town into the ground. Then we've had the normal problems that police deal with everyday on the job.
I did have a good ending to the week. T (the ex-fireman from an earlier post, that's what I'm calling him now) came to see me Friday. I was working Thursday night, the midnight shift and he started texting me. He asked when I got off work in the morning and thought he might stop by on his way home in the morning. Instead of getting some sleep and then driving, he decides to drive all night to come see me. This did give him more time to spend with me (Woo-Hoo!!!). We talked and cuddled and kissed. It was all good, then he had to leave (Boo-Hoo!!!), but he did kiss me goodbye!! He told me he was going to try and make it back up here to see me so we could go out on a date. I really hope he does because I really like him and want to see where it goes with us. He said he wanted to do the same, so that's good right? It's going to have to be long distance because of him being on the road with the railroad and living two hours away. Although he said they are doing some work in the city which brings him just 45 minutes away from me (Oh Yeah!!!). I'm a little bit afraid because I have been hurt before by two different guys and don't want to get hurt again. I'm trying not to be pushy with anything, because I don't want to push him away. I really hope this works out. I've already considered the fact that if it does work out that I would move if it came to that. I Deserve to be Happy. I deserve my happy ending!!

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