Tuesday, July 14, 2009

What a Relief

Well while on vacation I found out that the stress EKG that my doctor ordered for me to take came back normal. What a RELIEF!! That was a lotta stress out of the way. Although this still does not tell us what went wrong or what was going on when I blacked out last month. I think we have come to the conclusion that it was all because I was sick for two days straight then tried to do too much after feeling better and my body was still dehydrated from being sick.
Which does make me feel alot better. The Dr. had me worried when she ordered a stress EKG to make sure a slight heart murmur I had hadn't gotten worse. Well I gotta go.


OceanDreams said...

Oh good, glad you are doing better and hope it stays that way! ;) Thanks for folling my blog...I'll be sure to stop by and visit yours!

OceanDreams said...

oops, *following! Have a great day!