Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I Will Overcome It

I'm going to use one of my favorite quotes for this blog entry. I've been struggling for sometime now with losing weight. I lose a few pounds then I gain some back. It's been a constant yo-yo back and forth. I've finally had enough!!! I am taking control of it now. I will Improvise, Adapt and Overcome It!!! I will eat better, exercise more and overcome my sweet tooth. I have already tried by shopping only by using the outside aisles (I heard that they are the healthiest). I buy low fat, fat free and try to stay away from anything fried. I have pretty much stopped eating fast food all together. I believe in myself that I will get through it, I WILL conquer it. Wish me luck.


Angela Darling said...

Believe in yourself! Good Luck! :)

Reinventing C said...

Good luck! I like your blog. I am a former tomboy turned girly as well and LOVE sex and the city.