Sunday, October 26, 2008

Champange taste on a beer budget

A friend once told me this when describing another friend's taste. Since then it has stuck with me. Maybe it's trying to tell me something? I don't believe I personally have champange taste but I do have a beer budget. Although I will not skimp on buying the cheaper version of something if it works for me. I believe if something works why get rid of it or in this case why pay less for the cheaper version if it doesn't work as good. Well, l do have a problem of shopping (but what girl doesn't), and I like to shop to make myself feel better (retail therapy). Maybe this friend in a way was trying to tell me that I need to budget my beer budget a little better. Which he has told me that before. I'm trying to now, and have been doing better. I have a little more money left over by the next payday. Well I will continue to work on this. Gotta go, ttfn.


Mister G said...

You have a good point, but in these economic times, we all have beer budgets, but thank goodness it isn't Milwaukee's Best kind of budget!! Some things you just can't skimp on, like just the other day, my wife brought home Best Choice Cheese Spread stuff, which was NOT the Velveeta that I wanted to melt for nachos!! WHAT THE ???
And she had the intestinal fortitude to say, they all taste the same! NO THEY DON'T !!!!
You can shop thrifty, but there are just some things that require name brand purchases!!

missallaboutme said...

Thank you. I totally agree with you. Not all brands taste the same. Velveeta works the best for nachos and rotel dip. Yep thank goodness I don't have to go that low yet, but a good thing gas is finally going down. It's almost under $2.00. I may be able to afford to go somewhere out of town. Lol

Miss Heather Leigh said...

That's just like me! I love that saying. I have Crystal taste, and can only afford Heineken. Ah well. :)