Sunday, December 14, 2008

Why do they call it "falling in love" ?

Why do they call it falling? It's the feeling of butterflies in your stomach when you find that special someone that makes your heart skip a beat when they walk in the room. The smile on your face you can't stop when you see them looking at you, but why do they call it "falling in love" when there's no falling to it.
I could go on and on about this but I won't. I've had some not so good relationships in my past, some I would rather not talk about and just move on from. But there's only been one where I was really in love with the guy, and he broke my heart, actually treated it like a yo-yo for awhile reeling me in telling me he also wanted to see where are relationship was going and he really liked me then pushing me away telling me he didn't have time for a relationship. Of course when I moved away he contacted me and wanted to come see me and we even made plans for a weekend. Then it came time for him to come see me and I'd never hear from him that he was on his way or almost there, so I called him and he said "oh I can't make it, last minute emergency came up." Ugh !!!! My heart broke again !!! Would I learn from this and not repeat it. Unfortunately I let him do it one more time. I guess I was a sucker for love. Now I understand the "falling" part, it's when you get your heart broken into pieces and have to pick them up and start all over again.


Fabulously Broke said...

I hope you find the guy who will hold your heart and protect it instead of letting it fall.

*heart* Thanks for favouriting me. Will add you to my reader once the #$^@!$ thing works again

Miss Heather Leigh said...

I know how these feelings go. I've been through the on/off relationship with someone I'd been in love with and he broke my heart. It does get better. There's someone out there for everyone. :)

kaity said...

For me, I think they call it falling in love because when you start to like some one, REALLY like someone, you get this rush of feelings, and day by day they grow. Before you know it you are starting to grow in love and you cant slow down and you cant stop yourself and it just happens. I dont know. Maybe its just me.