Thursday, May 21, 2009

It Happens!

Well my fellow bloggers, it hasn't been the best of weeks. This week has made me a little irritable. Of course it has some to do with the dreaded monthly curse, being just around the corner. UGGGHHH!!!! Just little things have been so irritating and not too mention I have been feeling sluggish and bloated so I have very little energy to get through the day.
I got through it. I have adopted a song as my motto. It's a country song, which is surprising since I'm not a bug country music fan. The song is called "It Happens" by the group Sugarland. When I heard it, I fell in love with it. Like the song says, Life don't go quite like you planned it. We try so hard to understand it. Ain't no rhyme or reason, no need to over think it. Let go laughing.
If I knew how to upload the video I would have put the video on here for you. Well I have to go now, catch you all later. Hope you have a better week than I am.

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