Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Your'e Hot and Your'e Cold

Well I guess I've been played. T has turned out to be a player. Guess I was stupid for giving him a second chance to redeem himself. Ok, here's the story. As you know in my earlier posts T is a guy that I've known for 10 years from my hometown that I found out thru Facebook he was interested in dating me. As any girl would be I was flattered and tickled pink about the guy because I always thought he was a hottie. He had some history, recently divorced but I was willing to look past that and give the guy a chance. We talked on facebook and exchanged phone numbers so we could text back in fourth. This was going to be a challenge since he works for the railroad and is always travelling and I live two hours away from him. But he told me his job brought him close to me so when he was in the area we could get together and go out. Ok I said.
Well the first time he blew me off, he stopped talking to me and I noticed my messages were deleted from his Facebook page and another girl had left him message that she couldn't wait to see him. I sent him a message and asked what was going on. His response was that he was dating a girl and didn't know how to tell me. I told him to just tell me the truth. That's all you have to do. Don't string me along and lie to me.
So I let it go and move on. About a month or so goes by and he contacts me again. Just normal chit chat for awhile. Then he asks me if I was still interested in him. Of course I said yes but I was mad at him for lying to me. He apologize and I forgave him. Stupid mistake. The guy blew me off while I was back home visiting family when he knew from recent conversations with me that I was going to be in town all week and he made the comment that we could go out while I was in town. I left it alone all week until the Friday before I was going to leave and texted him. I ask him if I was going to get to see him before I left. He gave me a long list of excuses that was going to keep him busy all day Saturday and that he was leaving for Chicago on Sunday. WTF!!! That sounds like you don't want to see me. As you know from an earlier post he has already stopped to see me here and we spent hours together before he left to go home. Sounds to me like he has a girlfriend down there and didn't want to be seen on a date with me there. That's why he came here to see me and didn't make an effort while I was there to see me. I gave him a second chance when now I know I shouldn't have. There will not be a third. I'm done with you player (womanizer). You had your chance. See ya!!!

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